In anticipation of the upcoming Ottawa 2017 celebrations, InsideTrack approached Guy Laflamme, Executive Director of the Ottawa 2017 Bureau to join us on the show.  

Mr. Laflamme did not disappoint. During a live panel discussion and subsequent recorded interview,  we got a quick preview of what to expect over the next year, a behind-the-scenes look at how it all came to be, and a discussion about the expected legacy of Ottawa’s big year.

Ottawa 2017 wanted to use the celebrations to showcase Ottawa as a “technology city” and to develop a program that’s big, immersive and rich in emotion.  The hope is that this program will generate massive national, and even international visibility for Canada’s capital city.  

Beyond the next year, Mr. Laflamme hopes that the celebrations will have a lasting legacy both through increasing business and personal tourism to Ottawa, but also by inspiring younger generations to contribute to the future of the city.

With over 170 planned events spanning 365 days in 2017, one of the most pressing questions on everyone’s minds was ‘what should we look forward to the most’.  After a bit of prodding, Mr. Laflamme gave us his top three:


1. Red Bull Crashed Ice: This action-packed event features the Ice Cross Downhill World championship.  The championship will be held at the Rideau Canal locks, and due to its proximity to the parliament buildings, the Chateau Laurier and the stunning vistas across the Ottawa River, Mr. Laflamme predicts that it will be the “most scenic ever edition of the Red Bull Crashed Ice”.


2. Underground Multi-media Kontinuum: Touted as a “mind-blowing” science-fiction themed underground journey through time and space, Kontinuum will feature a light and sound show projected in one of Ottawa’s future LRT stations.  The story will be premised on a fictionalized finding during excavations for the LRT, which allows participants to travel through time by accessing an invisible electromagnetic field.


3. La Machiene: Like something straight out of a Michael Bay movie, La Machiene will bring larger-than-life mechanized monsters to the streets of Ottawa.  Specifically, a giant spider and a flame-breathing dragon will “take control of the downtown core” from the Caudiere Islands all the way to the Byward Market between July 26-30.  


For more on Mr. Laflamme’s vision for the celebrations and the expected cultural and economic legacy for Ottawa, watch the full LIVE panel discussion below


Thank you to this week’s guests for joining us on the